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About Company

Our process is easy, fast and effective. One of our trained consultants will be at your convenience and will feel at home at your convenience. After listening to your requirements and understanding your situation, our consultants will walk you through the process.

Upon ordering, you will receive a welcome pack with a copy of the procedure and instructions for the next steps. The legal team at headquarters will then review the instructions and begin writing legal documents. First you receive a draft Will document. You can check and any changes to be made then we create the final version.

Meet The Team

Shankar Devarashetty

Managing Director

Qualified Accountant and Financial Advisor with over 15 years of experience. He brings a unique, human approach to accounting. This ensures that all Oasis clients receive unrivalled care and attention.

Venkat Bolisetti (MSWW)


Qualified Will writer and Estate Planning Advisor brings human approach to Estate planning. This ensures all clients receive unrivalled care and attention.

Prashant Yadav


Experienced business development and team leader. Leads the onboarding and ongoing account management for larger clients. Creates value by optimising service offerings to match clients’ needs.

Why choose us

We all know that we need the will to ensure that our homes and other assets go to what you love when you are gone. But the will is only part of the story. You may be shocked to know that there are many ways your wealth can be eroded during your lifetime, which your family may inherit substantially less when you go Means that

Will Associates was founded for helping the people Since then, we have grown rapidly and have become one of the largest testamentary and legal services networks in the world.